Monday, 9 November 2009

Day 60... Hed Kandi, a wedding and some applied chemistry amidst all the chaos here!

So it turns out our time at APK has so far been as much a holiday as it has been intense volunteering! But things are picking up, and Operation Shakumbhri (named after the rogue papermill here - see the Wiki page at is looking good for an early December finish - when we head to Mumbai and Goa... life is tough!!!

APK produce yet another family to add to their family tree...

Us donning the finest Indian fashion...

The girls absolutely love us. No change there then

The cutest kids we've ever witnessed. Raman and Kanishka

These are the thugs we're trying to take down. Our tactics so far have been to learn Hindi, play footy with the local kids, watch the India-Australia series (damn Aussies!) and sunbathing. And of course...

... Applied Chemistry at its best! Unfortunately, our applied chemistry isn't exactly great. Can anyone shed any light on BOD/COD/TDS/TSS?? Any chemists out there? We're kinda at gridlock right now...

Meeting Mahesh Uncle at the awesome Bangalore Club... as V would say the galdems were Basavanagudi!!

Hed Kandi happened to be performing the one night we were in Delhi

It was good to see a white face again, especially these ones...
Keep me updated on the news back home!!


  1. Hi Sami, looking well nice in the kurta!! got high expectations for my wedding :) u look like ur having an amazing time, ur mum is keeping us updated with ur status!!
    Take care of urself and each other - classic Jerry Springer Quote LOL
    Love from Shailesh Kaka, Kelly Kaki, Shalina and of course, last but not least Ravi xxx

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